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Ikke salg av enkeltbilletter til Gamla, kun framvisning av Bylarm-                          Dagspass for Fredag eller Festival-pass i døra fra KL.19.30.

Bylarm-pass kan kjøpes på eller hos Narvesen, 7-Eleven + Dagspass hos billettcrew utenfor hovedinngang + ByLarms egen billettbod på Youngstorvet hvor alle billetter byttes i pass til følgende tider: KL.15.00-01.30 Tors 3 + Fre 4 + Lør 5 Mars                                                                      
YUMA SUN (N) KL.20.30                                                                     = Doomsday Rock
CHINAH (DK) KL.21.30                                                                   = R&B & Electro Pop
LESLIE TAY (Swe) KL.22.30                                                              = Svensk R&B Pop
MADI BANJA (Swe) KL.23.30                                  = Afro-Svensk Rap & Club Beat
LISS (DK) KL.00.30                                                                                        = Nordic Soul

Yuma Sun´Dommesdagrock´ is how Yuma Sun describe their unique musical blend. Easily translated from Norwegian – ‘Doomsday Rock’ – the band´s melding of post punk and atmospheric dark rock influences, intermingled with straightahead rock´n roll, blues and alt-country is as eclectic as it is intoxicating, and comes with an authentic ‘Wild West’ aura that one wouldn´t normally expect in a band hailing from Bergen, Europe´s rainiest city.

Formed in 2012, ‘Watch Us Burn’ is the third album by the quintet and combines inspiration from their favourite global acts to create the band’s own version of American Gothic Country. Starting from the troubadour-noir output of Townes van Zandt before moving on to the US rock & roll of The Gun Club, 80‘s UK rock royalty such as The Cult, the Antipodean alt.rock of Crime & The City Solution and the cinematic US of Lambchop, and on to Swedish acts such as The Hellacopters and The Hives….all of these artists are crucial to Yuma Sun.

The sinister energy of rock music, paired with the brooding obsession of modern day Americana results in a unique group aesthetic and sound palette. “The album title is the perfect reflection of our music,”says frontman/guitarist Jaran. “It´s about darkness and drama. There are many references to the apocalypse and to death in our songs – these are important aspects of our live shows as well. We´re almost literally setting the stage on fire and want to infect audiences with our passion.”cite

For the recording sessions of ‘Watch Us Burn’, Jaran (acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo and vocals), Bjørn (baritone and lap steel guitars), Simon (double bass), Andreas (drums) and Espen (guitar and trumpet) sought the splendid isolation of the famous Sundlaugin Studios in Iceland. This former indoor swimming pool has been converted by none other than Sigur Rós and albums by Damien Rice, Savages, Of Monsters And Man and many more have been recorded there since 2008.

Songs like ´St.Louise´, ´Judas Tree´ and ´Violets To Stone´ (which has been remixed by former Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson member Chris Vrenna), deal with Jaran’s favourite source of inspiration – the fall from grace in the Old Testament. In other words, they deal with pain, suffering, death, loneliness and man’s futile hope of salvation. So too does ´High Road´, which also features Aðalbjörn Tryggvason, frontman of the well known Icelandic heavy metal act Sólstafir. ´King Of Light´ marks the band’s musical homage to the horned prince of darkness himself, before the album ends with the balladesque title track and an important message: Seize the day…and the night, of course. “We don’t think you should spend your time looking forward to the future, but instead enjoy the moment while you can. We´re all doomed and one day we´ll burn in hell – until then we´ll have fun!”
KL.21.30: CHINAH (DK)
Creating a massive buzz on the international blogs, CHINAH has proven themselves as one of the most interesting and fast-growing new acts. Chinah entwine electronic pop with a perfectly executed sophisticated R&B sound, and media like Stereogum and The Fader has already acclaimed their minimalistic debut single ‘Away From Me’. The number of streams tells its own tale leading the way to several showcases in the UK in 2015. The music comes straight from the band’s bedrooms in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, with an inspiration to create simply music that still pushes the boundaries of pop music.
Leslie-Tay-Fre-4-KL.22.30KL.22.30: LESLIE TAY (Swe)
Already when he was 12 the rug was pulled from under the feet of Leslie Tay. An absent father and an unsympathetic environment created a vacuum that was filled by Sofie. It was the only stability in a life on the edge. It was a haven of familiar routes and horns when Sweden burns.

Sophie. Sofielund. From a cozy estate named after the lord of the manors wife Sophie to a shocking example of the Swedish segregation. Sofielund is a bubble where it is now growing up a generation for whom the question «What will you be when you grow up» is almost impossible to answer. A nursery of hopelessness. The Bermuda Triangle of dreams. Every helping hand is turned away and armies of young men sprinting straight toward society’s wall in the outskirts of this bubble. Leslie Tay is of this bubble.

For 12 years, Leslie Tay have perfected his craft. Amidst the contemporary turmoil and a place where the future is something abstract leads a young man to see and experience a lot of things he should not. In Leslie Tays songs live echoes of Sevedplans ghosts. There are stories that have never been heard before in Swedish pop music. Not like this. Not so close to the skin. Reflections of the street relentlessness and questions without answers are. Whose fault? Is it the bubble that refuses to let go of Leslie and his environment? Or is it them who are too scared to let go of it? All we know is that the romance with Sophie is still underway, and no one knows if it will have a happy ending.
KL.23.30:MADI BANJA (Swe)
From Gambia to Sweden, on to California and Switzerland and then back to Sweden again; Madi Banja’s geographic road may have been long, but his musical one has been a fast and immediate success story. In late 2014 he released his debut single ”Inga problem” and quickly became one of Sweden’s most hyped names. With his combination of club beats, melodic rap, a unique voice and significant lyrics, he has won over both fans and the most hard to get-critics around the country. Almost one year after his first single, Madi Banja has now released his debut EP ”Det var inte med meningen», which already has been highly acclaimed.
KL.00.30:LISS (DK)
Liss are four teenagers from Aarhus in Denmark. Formed at school, the band have been perfecting a sound that recalls elements of Frank Ocean and Arthur Russell to create a unique brand of Nordic soul. On August 13th they released the first single ‘Try’ on Copenhagen based Escho.

The self directed video for the track sees Liss lead singer Søren Holm performing the song for the first time in front of his band mates in the band’s rehearsal space, having only just finished recording it (hence the screw up’s). The track was produced by Rodaidh McDonald (The XX, King Krule, Sampha) and Denmark’s Vera.

LISS are: Søren Holm, Vilhelm Strange, Villads Tyrrestrup, Tobias Hansen

Billetter ID 20 ÅR:                                                                              FACEBOOK-EVENT
Ikke salg av enkeltbilletter til Gamla, kun framvisning av Bylarm-                          Dagspass for Torsdag eller Festival-pass i døra fra KL.19.30.

Bylarm-pass kan kjøpes på eller hos Narvesen, 7-Eleven + Dagspass hos billettcrew utenfor hovedinngang + ByLarms egen billettbod på Youngstorvet hvor alle billetter byttes i pass til følgende tider: KL.15.00-01.30 Tors 3 + Fre 4 + Lør 5 Mars                                                                      
BOB HUND (N) KL.20.00                                                                  = Svenske legender
FREDFADES & EIKREM (N) KL.21.30                                                            = Jazzcats
CHARLOTTE DOS SANTOS (N) KL.22.30                                            = Modern Soul
GUNDELACH (N) KL.23.30                                                                         = Space Disco
WHITNEY (N) KL.00.30                                                                       = «Country»- Soul
Bob-Hund-Tors-3-KL.20.00KL.20.00: BOB HUND (Swe)

Musically, Bob Hund challenge themselves to stretch their limits. They are constantly exploring, in search of new sounds and new stories, whilst also keeping intact the unique chemistry between the six members of the band. They dare to expose themselves to unsafe situations without considering the tension that may arise and perhaps that´s the point. This attitude makes the band one of the most explosive and unpredictable live acts you can see on a stage.
Bob Hund continues to prove that they are still one of Sweden’s most unique, important and creative bands, do not miss out on them!
Fredfades is making his name in hip-hop circles worldwide as one of the most genuinely jazzy producers around. So what happens when he joins up with the gifted jazz trumpeter Kristoffer Eikrem for a full LP release? Needless to say, the project lives up to its title “Jazz Cats”. The two enlist several other jazz musicians on this innovative LP, as well as rappers like Ivan Ave. Somehow the many voices and hands involved all fit smoothly into the format, as Fred’s unique beat aesthetics and Eikrem’s silky melodies solidly combine in an organic sounding piece.
Each year new voices appear and bloom in the growing Scandinavian soul genre as it develops and re-defines modern soul sounds. This time in Norway we’ve unearthed an exciting young lady who’s voice warms, and floats with a touch of innocence. Her name is Charlotte Dos Santos. Trained in both classical and jazz she infuses both with her lush tones and phrasings.

The tracks, Watching You and Move On, were released on Jakarta Dubplate # 3 by Mutual Intentions on Jakarta Records Berlin, Germany. Limited to 100 hand numbered vinyl copies sold out in twelve hours.

She has already caught the attention of labels such as Fresh Selects, Stones Throw and Boilerroom and we are expecting that many more will fall for her beautiful music and impressive performance at By:Larm.
Ever since the age of 16 Kai Gundelach has been a fixture on Oslo’s renowned club scene. First, as an under-age space disco enthusiast with knack for getting past doormen unnoticed and later as a DJ warming up for some of his teenage heroes. Kai’s true musical ambitions, however, lay in crafting introspective and honest pop songs, which he worked with alone in his bedroom while earning a living playing records. He started to share the songs under the moniker GUNDELACH in late 2014, which quickly lead to him being handpicked by Say Lou Lou to support on their album tour along with the release of his first track “Alone in the Night” in Norway and Sweden. With almost no press coverage the track travelled quickly online in Norway and Sweden and has to date gathered over a million streams. After sending some songs to Joel Ford (Autre Ne Vuet, Oneohtrix Point Never) the two began a collaboration that lead to him recording his debut EP in New York with Joel and Al Carlson. Gundelach’s debut single “Spiders” is the first offering from the EP, combining intricate electronics overlaid with wispy vocals and pulsating beats, it is a clear pop song from one of Norway’s finest.
KL.00.30: WHITNEY (US)
Whitney is the project of songwriting duo Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich. They write Soul-inspired Country songs that are performed live alongside 4 of their closest friends. The band is currently based out of Chicago, Illinois.

A union between Smith Western’s Max Kakacek and Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Julien Esrich, the pair join forces with four friends for a new sun-soaked project Whitney.

Leaving behind the crushing guitars and mosh pits, they’ve adopted a sound that sits in between country and folk, that takes on swirling chorus lines and add’s sugar-sweet vocals.
With a debut album readied for 2016, Whitney are a band you need to catch.