AIRBAG – Prog-Rock at it’s most chilled, honeyed and soothing

AirbagAirbag emerged in its present form in 1999, after spent several years as The Pink Floyd Experince that also still exists.

The musical inspiration comes from a huge variety of artists, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Radiohead, David Sylvian, Talk Talk, U2, Porcupine Tree, Chroma Key and A-ha to name a few. Most people will hear familiar things in the music, but the band has still managed to create something unique and can be seen as a creative community.

In 2004 Airbag released the demo «Come On In», which was very well received.In October 2006 «Sounds That I Hear» was released for downloading through the bands website. The response was incredible and after just two months the complete album had been downloaded more than 1200 times.
The feedback has been good, people from all over the world have given very positive feedback. The album has been reviewed on several websites, on radiostations and in magazines. The music magazine Classic Rock wrote this in their August 2007 issue: «This Norwegian five-piece specialise in prog at it most chilled, honeyed and soothing. Much of this is reminiscent of Coldplay doing Pink Floyd covers. Believe us it’s a recommendation.

AirbagAfter a year and a half people are still discovering «Sounds That I Hear» and the complete EP has been downloaded over 11.000 times (Feb. 08).
In November Airbag released the new EP «Safetree» for downloading on their website. The feedback has once again been marvelous. The complete EP has been downloaded almost 4000 times in two months.
In totalt there has been downloaded more than 110.000 songs from since launch in October 2006.

Now the EP «Safetree» has been delivered from the factory and will be put up for sale on the bands website before the end of February 2008.
What the future brings you never know, but that there will be more music, more recordings and more live shows we can guarantee you all!

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