BYLARM på GAMLA m/ KL.20.30 PHLAKE (DK) + KL.21.30: BAIO (UK) + KL.22.30: KWAMIE LIV (DK) + KL.23.30: CHERRIE (Swe) + KL.00.30: EL PERRO DEL MAR (Swe)

Billetter ID 20 ÅR:                                                                               FACEBOOK-EVENT
Ikke salg av enkeltbilletter til Gamla, kun framvisning av Bylarm-                          Dagspass for Lørdag eller Festival-pass i døra fra KL.19.30.

Bylarm-pass kan kjøpes på eller hos Narvesen, 7-Eleven + Dagspass hos billettcrew utenfor hovedinngang + ByLarms egen billettbod på Youngstorvet hvor alle billetter byttes i pass til følgende tider: KL.15.00-01.30 Tors 3 + Fre 4 + Lør 5 Mars                                                                      
PHLAKE (DK) KL.20.30                                                                                               = R&B
BAIO (UK) KL.21.30                = Electro Pop m/ bassisten fra Vampire Weekend
KWAMIE LIV (DK) KL.22.30                                                                             = R&B Pop
CHERRIE (Swe) KL.23.30                                                         = Svensk Hip Hop/R&B
EL PERRO DEL MAR (DK) KL.00.30                                                        = Electro Pop
Phlake-Lør-5-KL.20.30KL.20.30:PHLAKE (DK)

One of them thought he could only produce hip hop beats and the other one did everything he could to hide his soft voice. However faith wanted to join them in the successful R&B duo Phlake.
Phlake is the acclaimed producer Jonathan Elkær and the talented singer Mads Bo. Jonathan is a young but experienced producer who has been producing some of the biggest hip hop hits in Denmark that last few years. Mads has on the other hand never been in a band or performed on a stage – and by that reason most people was left paralyzed in admiration when he first showed the world his huge talent.

Their first single ‘Like You’ was only released on Soundcloud but got a lot of attention from the Danish tastemaker medias. The next single ‘So Faded’ was released officially via Sony Music Denmark and was playlisted on lots of radios and streamed heavily outside Denmark. However it was with the 2nd single ‘Pregnant’ Phlake made it big. It became and still is a huge hit in Denmark and with millions of streams on Spotify it is now officially a platinum single.

Phlake’s first headline show in Copenhagen (200 cap) sold out in 20 hours. The extra concert (500 cap) sold out in 5 days. They have now announced headliners at Train (1000 cap) and Store Vega (1500 cap) and have been confirmed for numerous major festivals in 2016.

The next single is expected out in the springs 2016.
KL.21.30:BAIO (UK)
Since 2006, Baio has been best known as the bass-player in Vampire Weekend, the New York-based rock band who last year won a Grammy for their third album, Modern Vampires of the City. In his downtime between tours, however, Baio recognized in himself an increasing restlessness, a desire to explore his own individual voice away from the band and in 2015 he finally released his beautiful solo album The Names, inspired by the author DeLillo.

At the age of 24 Baio was struck by DeLillo, and over the course of three months he set about reading all of DeLillo’s books — among them Libra, Underworld and The Names, his 1982 novel about an American living in Greece, to which Baio felt a particular connection. “And I just realized,” he says, “that if I were ever going to make a solo album I would want to call it The Names.”

He describes The Names as “a realization of my influences and things that I love” — a world quite distinct to that of Vampire Weekend. Those influences do of course emerge in bass-playing, and surfaced on an earlier EP, Sunburn (2012), but what is striking about Baio’s first solo collection is its marked difference to his work with the band.
Kwamie Liv first came on the scene in 2014 with her debut EP ‘Lost in the Girl’, gaining her a solid underground following and rave reviews in the press worldwide. She has since collaborated with Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti and more recently with US rapper Angel Haze. The Danish/Zambian artist’s music offers an eclectic, sensual and hazy electronic-driven sound. She has been compared to acts ranging as far as from M.I.A to Lana Del Rey and Tom Waits. Maintaining her own touch she weaves effortlessly between down tempo melancholy and more up beat pop songs. Her sophmore EP is due for release in March 2016.
Cherrie-Lør-5-KL.23.30KL.23.30: CHERRIE (Swe)
Sherihan «Cherrie» Hersi was born in Oslo after her parents fled Somalia in 1990. She spent her first years in Lohja, Finland, before moving to Rinkeby in Stockholm, Sweden.

Although music always been a big part of Cherrie’s life, she began her singing career just two-and-a-half years ago when she appeared on Abidaz song «One Day». And when she was introduced to the producer Amr Badr she created her first solo track «Intro», released as a 1.40 minute video on YouTube.

Cherrie released her first single «Tabanja» at RMH Sound and the song received tremendous support from the music industry, artists and others, including Joel Kinnaman. Tabanja is a Swedish slang word for gun, originally from the Turkish language tabanca.
KL.00.30: EL PERRO DEL MAR (Swe)
El Perro Del Mar will be back this year!

Just before By:larm the first single, Breadandbutter, from her forthcoming album (release in Fall 2016), will be revealed to the world. With this, her fifth album, El Perro Del Mar yet again shows her eagerness to push contemporary pop music forward.The show at By:larm will be the first possibility to get into the new world of El Perro Del Mar’s current music and art.

«I wanted to make songs that speak with a personal as well as a universal voice. In order to do that I started anew, all musical references put aside. The music has no borders, it reverberates of Thailand, Sumatra, India, Ethiopia and China – it belongs nowhere but has a universal heart». says El Perro Del Mar.