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Comet-KidKL.21.00: COMET KID (N)
Comet Kid er et Oslobasert band som startet opp i januar 2013.
Allerede i juli samme år spilte de i Kronprinsens mye omtalte 40 års-lag, og snakkisen begynte for alvor å gå i hovedstaden etter en opptreden på Klubbøya som resulterte i spilletid på tysk radio!

Det er ikke lett å sette en merkelapp på disse guttene, men sjangermessig beveger de seg elegant mellom roots, pop, folk og rock fremført med lidenskap og ekte følelser. Den unike Comet Kid-sounden skapes av de ulike musikalske bakgrunnene som eksisterer i bandet, og inspireres av ulike opplevelser gjennom livet.

Å være en Comet Kid handler om å bli satt i en situasjon for så å gjøre det beste ut av det – noe denne gjengen gjør til de grader! Samspillet de fire har på scenen er få forunt, og gleden de har av å spille musikk smitter raskt over på publikum – en konsert med Comet Kid skal føles og ikke bare høres!

Kom på konsert, slipp kroppen løs, og land et sted du ikke kjenner deg igjen; vær en Comet Kid!

LowingKL.22.00: LOWING (SE)
At the age of 23 Lowing moved to Los Angeles to nurture his strive for a career in music.
After three years he moved back to his native Sweden with a head full of songs that needed to be written and recorded.

Hailing from a small town in the southwest of Sweden, Lowing moved to Stockholm where he started to build a name for himself as a young and talented singer/songwriter.
All in all, it’s been a long but necessary journey to make, in order to transform bits and pieces into complete songs.

In may 2013 Lowing made his first stuff official via selected music blogs on the internet.
As a result the song I Will Wait For You rapidly climbed to #3 on highly acclaimed chart by

Oh!-(Foto-Marius-Fiskum)KL.23.00: OH! (N)
…like Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder and Jamie Cullum’s enfant terrible.

Oh! is a soul band from Tromsø. With roots in hip-hop, neo-soul, the superheroes of Motown and R&B of yesteryear, the band writes music that you would usually have to travel far from these shores to hear.

Frode Larsen, Arnljot Nordvik, Morten Steene and Eirik Fjelde make up Oh!, and their debut release “Lesson One:” EP made the album charts upon its release in 2011. Fast forward to 2013 and the band is on the cusp of finishing their first full length proper with Popa Lars taking up the reigns as executive producer, as well as mixing the record. In the interim the band have been playlisted on the country’s biggest radio station NRK P1 with the track “Family” and have played approximately seventy shows up and down the country.

Oh! made their return to the live arena this past Autumn, playing a number of club and festival shows and (major regional paper) Nordlys had this to say of one performance:

“There are in fact some nights when you know deep deep down, that this is something completely different, something more than just ‘good’ or even ‘brilliant’, something memorable, something that reminds you that it is simply great to be alive.” – 6/6 Lasse Jangås, culture editor, Nordlys

HjerteslagKL.00.00: HJERTESLAG (N)
Punkere spiller pop. Poppere spiller punk.

In a bedsit in Skostredet some time in 2010, Hjerteslag was born. Robbie had been tinkering with his songs for long enough and decided it was time to put together the perfect line-up for his project. In Petter Sætre, Ole-Andre Hjelmås and Vilde Tuv he had found his musical companions. Together they were a band. After a couple of years of sporadic shows in Bergen, the band had built a solid hometown following. In early 2013, it was time for Vilde Tuv to move on with her own promising solo career, and so it was time to inject some fresh input in the form of two new guitarists Nikolas Aarland and Torjus Raknes. They played their first show together in the back yard of local record store Apollon, after one rehearsal.

Almost immediately, the results of that show bore fruit with the offer of a seven inch release from a local label, and a full length release has already been pencilled for the Spring. The greater part of the year has therefore been spent in the studio except for the odd out of town show, venturing as far as Stavanger, Oslo and even Kristiansand.

Satellite-StoriesKL.01.00: SATELLITE STORIES (F)
The group – formed of Esa Mankinen (vocals/guitar), Marko Heikkinen (lead guitar), Jyri Pesonen (Bass/vocals) and Olli-Pekka Ervasti (drums) – have generated a reputation for creating powerful indie pop. 2012 saw the band release their debut album ‘Phrases to Break the Ice’ before touring extensively through Europe. The same year the bands music spread through much of the blogosphere.

Revealing their new single ‘Campfire’, the band hailing from Oulu, Finland, have gone one step further, heading straight to No.1 on the Hype Machine most blogged about artist chart. Their energetic sound has led to them receiving comparisons with bands such as Two Door Cinema Club and Tokyo Police Club.

‘Campfire’ is the first single taken from the band’s forthcoming ‘Pine Trails’ album. The band’s second studio album is a record where the band has truly found their sound. Self produced and self recorded, the album sessions begun in the Swedish countryside in January of 2013, with only a field of horses as neighbours, the days spent filled with long jaunts in the snow filled pine forests, before night fell, and attention turned to writing and recording. Sweden moved onto sessions in London and Manchester, and ended in the bands decommissioned nuclear bunker turned studio in northern Finland, culminating in 10 stories of growing up, love lost and near misses.

New single ‘Campfires’ begins with a delicately picked guitar and vocal introduction, before the band explodes into the track. The hugely catchy work sees the members blending vocal hooks, guitar stabs and a huge four-on-the-floor beat. Paying testament to their incredible live shows, the single demonstrates why the group were such a resounding success at their summer Festival appearances – which included appearances at the Dot to Dot Festival tour, Spain´s

Arenal Sound, Finland’s Flow Festival, Sweden’s Hultsfred Festival and Holland’s Lowlands festival.

«Shrill tremolo guitar riffs and catchy vocal hooks about adolescent romance.» – NME

Energetic Fins who specialise in bright sounding indie pop.” – Q Magazine

Frontman Esa Mankinen has a lot of presence and a mercurial quality to his vocals” – Clash

Their set but it’s delivered in a way that only the cold and callous could refuse to enjoy” – The Fly

Upbeat Sunny Indie Pop” – MTV UK

Indie pop at its most brilliant” – The Line of Best Fit UK