Grünerløkka Alternatives presenterer de bosniske rockeheltene POCHKO & NEW PRIMITIVES (BA) + GREAT GODS POWER (N) m/ Balkan-Punk-Frank Zappa-på-syre

Forsalg på / Narvesen/ 7 Eleven Kr.330 (inkl. Kr.25 billettavgift)
The group, Pochko & New Primitives, was founded by Nedžad Podži?-Po?ko, a former member of the bands, Zabranjeno Pušenje and Skroz, as well as supporting bands for Dino Merlin and Mladen Voji?i? Tifa.
The band’s current members are: Emir Jugo (guitar), Sanin Lutvi? (bass guitar), Elmir Herakovi?-Buco (drums), Saša ?iri? (vocals), Ena ?apo and Adelita Rizvanbegovi? (backing vocals) and Nedžad Podži?-Po?ko (piano).
The group’s repertoire includes songs by bands that were active as part of the Novi Primitivizam Movement. This movement first started in Sarajevo during the 1980s and its main feature was the telling of stories that were inspired by actual events taking place at that time, but they were told in a colorful way, using typical Sarajevo humor. The musical arm of the movement was represented by the bands, Elvis J. Kurtovi? i Meteori, Crvena Jabuka and Bombaj Štampa.

The famous Top Lista Nadrealista came as a result of the Novi Primitivizam Movement, first as a radio program and later as a hit TV show.

Welcome to an unforgettable music evening at Gamla!
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great-gods-of-powerGREAT GODS OF POWER
are three idiots, clowns, primitive sensitive souls, cavemen, madmen, ugly men caged in their own inability to rise above their personal drama, limitations, shortcomings and suffering in general.

It is a straightforward, fiery spicy and dirty musical exercise massively rooted in the realms of contemporary and experimental forms of Rock’n Roll. They are theatrical yet unconsciously grounded, poetic yet brutal. The band’s debut EP and album contains hot snacks for the steady Hardrock, Punkrock, Experimental, and Psychedelia supporter down any street of any town.
Discharging guitar riffs and solos breaking up and cracking down or floating in sync following the succulent, hypnotic, possessed state of drums and bass catatonia. Vocal shouting, arguing, negotiating sardonically on the outside world at times screaming in its tortured schizophrenic self-amusing farce. A flicker of a cosmic truth, again back to the deafening, dazed, mechanical and senseless, mute cosmos…