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     «In remembrance of Skinny Shotgun (Ruben Jan De Jong) 1977 – 2013»Skinny-Shotgun-Ruben-wOn the 21st of August last year, one of our best friends, Skinny Shotgun, sadly passed away.

Skinny was the drummer of the Trashcan Darlings from 1996 to 2004 and an important figure in Oslo’s hard rock and punk scene for many years.
After the Trashcan Darlings he became one of the co­founders of Neseblod Records, which still remains a hugely successful independent record store for hard rock, punk & metal.

On the 6th of September we invite you to celebrate the life and times of our friend and colleague at Gamla in Oslo. There will be loads of bands and a DJ all playing for free to honour Skinny.

The entire profit from the tickets sales will go to Skinny’s two children.

Trashcan-Darlings-wTRASHCAN DARLINGS
The undisputed KINGS of Glamour Punk will do another one off reunion to honor their friend, brother and drummer for all those years;

Skinny was Trashcan Darlings’ drummer from 1996 to 2004 and an important part of the formation of the band. He is still the drummer who has played the most shows with the band!

Trashcan Darlings was formed in 1995, but was never part of the “scandi-rock” scene, which was the hippest thing in Europe from the late 90’s to the early ’00. They were too loud, too outrageous and simply looked too good for a world that was just beginning to regain the confidence it took to shake the shoegazing bullshit that was the politically correct way to approach rock’n’roll at the time. Dressing up in women’s clothing and attacking themselves with razors on stage did not help either.

Still, the band recorded 3 albums, several EPs and completed 13 European tours between 1995 and 2008 and had devoted fans from all over the world who loved them, and have kept on loving them years after the split. 2011 saw the release of a tribute album and the first one off reunion when they were invited to be the last official band to play the now sorely missed Elm Street Rock Café, which closed down on New Year’s Eve 2011.

Now, 6 years after the last show, requests for a reunion show keep coming in on websites for festivals and rock shows in Europe. “We said we’d only do this again for cash, and what better reason than cash for the 2 children of our dear friend and brilliant drummer, Skinny Shotgun!”

Trashcan Darlings 2014:
Strange? Gentle: Vocals
Chris Damien Doll: Guitars
Frankie Nachtnebel: Guitars
Andy Hunter: Drums
Bjørn Avskyliguz: Bass

Backstreet-Girls-wBACKSTREET GIRLS
The Backstreet Girls are true Rock’n’Roll legends, who just celebrated their 30th anniversary at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo. Classic albums, such as Boogie Till You Puke, Party On Elm Street, Coming Down Hard, Hellway To High, Sick My Duck… the list goes on and on… and on, right up to the brilliant new album; Death Before Compromise… die-hard fans and sold out shows have cemented their status as one of Norway’s longest surviving and most consistent bands.

The Backstreet Girls were there right from the start of the Trashcan Darlings, checking out our shows, teaching us the ropes and became some of our best friends. Several member changes, and drinks later, they are still some of our best friends.

Most of us has had the pleasure of being onstage with them several times, and for years Skinny was their go-to guy when they needed a stand-in drummer. He played several concerts and is also the drummer in the Boogie My Life Away video featured below.


The-Carburetors-wTHE CARBURETORS
was formed in 2001. Since then their albums, elaborate stage-shows and die-hard work ethic has made them one of Norway’s main rock’n’roll attractions, headlining clubs and festivals all over Europe.

But before Burning Rubber, In the 90’s, Kai Kidd and Chris Nitro’s previous incarnation of the band hung out and played gigs at Garbo Dancing in Oslo, which was one of Trashcan Darlings favorite hangouts too. We went to eachothers shows, had more than a few beers together and have remained friends ever since.

If you haven’t already seen them, the Carburetors live is something you definitely have to see! It’s with great pleasure we announce the Kings of Fast Forward Rock’n’Roll as the fourth band ready for the Skinny Shotgun Memorial.!/
Cockroach-Clan-wCOCKROACH CLAN!
Their albums «Just Say Blow,» «Roach» and the EP «Going Underground» gained them the reputation as one of Norway’s greatest partypunk bands, and they’ve always been great friends of Skinny Shotgun and Trashcan Darlings.

Cockroach Clan guitarist Akke did a fantastic job as co-producer of the Trashcan Darlings’ EP «Tunes From The Trashcan.» He even put make-up and a dotted shirt on and stepped in on bass with us at a concert way back when. Singer Billy, who used to be in Mayhem and Within’ Range, was for many years the main force at legendary rock club Felix in Lillehammer. He is prossibly the person in Norway who has booked Trashcan Darlings the most times… leaving out Elm Street, of course.

After Trashcan Darlings and Skinny Shotgun parted ways, and Skinny established Neseblod Records, drummer Eric from Cockroach Clan became his permanent replacement.

A Cockroach Clan gig is not an everyday event, but on the 06th of September they’ll hit the stage to honour the memory of Skinny Shotgun.

was formed in 1997 with 3 ex members of Fake Females.
They released 2 7″ singles with great quality rock on legendary Hit Me Records in 1998 and 1999.

SuperKings and Trashcan Darlings hung out in the same clubs during the last part of the 90s and became good friends. Among other things, both bands performed together at the Trashcan Darlings X-Mass Party Vol. 1 in 1998.

Now, for the first time in 15 years «The Partners In Crime» reunites at Gamla on the 6th of September to honor Skinny Shotgun’s memory!

DJ-Ulf-wThe legendary ULF LYRÅN.
He probably has Norway’s greatest rock’n’roll record-collection. No shit!!

Ulf has always been, and remains to this day, a very close friend to the Trashcan Darlings. He pretty much attended all the show the band did in Oslo, from the early ones in 1995 till the band broke up in 2008 and was the D.J. for many many of them.

Ulf was also their driver for their first European-tour in 2001. Due to his vast knowledge of great, and sometimes forgotten, rock albums, he’s also been a huge musical inspiration for the band.

D.J. Ulf is ready to rock the dancefloor on the of 6th of September!