SPEAKEASY ELECTRO SWING – Oslo´s Prohibition Party

 cc :: 100kr dressed/150kr in ‘civils’ (feel free to impress us all)
1930’s dresscode, Electro Swing, Long Island Ice Tea’s, roulette, trumpets, gramophone girls, monocles & moustaches, poker games, Manhattans, can-can, top hats.
Speakeazy teazer by Contepella and DJ Lost
Spekeasy teazer by Khalil.m – Wonkadelic Swing
Speakeasy Electro-Swing på Spotify

Welcome to the retro-future. As our economy revisits the depression era, it is time for our culture to revel in the glory of those days. So get snazzed up, and get down to the sounds of Electro Swing. We bring you the first of a series of events to focus on these sounds of now. As we scour the crates of dusty old record stores and remake these songs into club tunes of today, updating the swing sounds with electro, hip hop, house, bass, breaks and dub.

There will be a contest for the best dressed lady and gent at the event , the prize being (for each) : a bottle of bubbly and 2 passes for the next Speakeasy.

LineUp ::

Fransk Frokost (NO)

KamelKollektivet (SE)

Dr. Roman & his pet Pinguino (UK)

Señor Lost & Conte Pella (NO)

Master of Ceremonies :: Mr. White
Photo booth provided by Res

cc :: 100kr dressed/150kr in ‘civils’ (feel free to impress us all)
* : games are for laughs not for cash