SPEAKEASY ELECTRO SWING PARTY m/ DJ Monsieur Tobal + Le Selectah X + Dr Roman + Señor Lost + Pinguino & his Lil Schizos + hosted by Mr. White

Billetter Kr.100 i døra fra KL.21.00                                             FACEBOOK-EVENT

Come in your Electroswing suits & dresses and get a gift!!
Don’t forget the 1930’s, Long Island Ice Tea’s, trumpets, gramophone girls, monocles & moustaches, card games, Manhattans, can-can, top hats.
FOR THE EARLY BIRDS :: FREE SWING DANCE CLASS AT 22.30!!!! Bring your dancing shoes!

PS! Arrangementet har ikke strict dresscode, alle er velkomne, men jo flere som dresser seg opp i 30-talls stil, jo mer moro.
Premier for best kledde er det og samt Swing-Kurs fra KL.22.30.

Se bilder fra forrige Speakeasy Electro Swing Party på Gamla i juni på
https://www.facebook.com/events/519686304723576/ (scroll ned)
Welcome to the retro-future. As our economy revisits the depression era, it is time for our culture to revel in the glory of those days. It is time to get snazzed up, and get down to the sounds of Electro Swing that have been taking over Europe & the America’s in the last few years.

We are bringing you the first events to focus on these sounds of now. As we scour the crates of dusty old record stores and remake these songs into club tunes of today, updating the swing sounds with electro, hip hop, house, bass, and dub. The sounds have been spreading through the Electro Swing compilations on Wagram music out of France.

With packed monthlies set up in Montreal, and now also Madrid, it’s about time the Oslo chapter begins it’s own festivities.