VIRGIN ARMADA vs TURNBULL i en kaskade av classic-rock!

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25.01.2014 slippes beistet løs. På ærverdige Gamla i Oslo kolliderer Virgin Armada og Turnbull i en kaskade av classic-rock. Møt opp for å være et vitne til dette naturfenomenet. To superpower-trioer vil ta scenen og levere en tyngde så tung at den kurerer sykdommer, vekker de døde, får voksne menn til å gråte, unge damer til å dåne, og ikke minst riste løs rockefoten på alle og en hver.
Ingen vei å rømme, ingen vei tilbake. Kom én, kom alle på rock’n’roll show!

plays MAD RAD rock `n roll for all you groovy souls out there.

The sound is rooted in blues and channelized through the experience of adolecent minds growing up with the magical powers of classic rock, cartoons and sidewalk-surfing. The band consists of three brothers from different mothers. Each one contributes with their special flavour, the drums are pounding and ecclectic, the bass is deep and wild, while the guitars fascinate and liberate. Their live performances set ablaze feelings of togetherness and goodtimes. The bands ultimate motto is: We love you more than you love us.

This is dedicated to their ever growing numbers of fans. Experience Virgin Armada!
My favourite act.
Wayne Gretzky
Øystein Haugan (briller) / Turnbull og Espen Forseth / Virgin Armada

Hide yo’ mommas! Here comes Turnbull, the slowest working band in showbiz.

Hailing back from the days of yore, these three fellows came together over the mutual appreciation of 60’s-70’s classic rock, southern foot-stompin’, and the stylings of soul and gospel. From the thunderous rhythm-section to the wailing guitars and vocals, you will be brought to the edge of the abyss, and pushed over.

By the powers vested in them, they provide a mind-blowing show that will blow your mind all over your face.

And don’t forget: Turnbull loves you!