XELABRATION FESTIVAL 2013 KICK-OFF m/ Kirlian Camera (ITA) | Henric De La Cour (Swe) | NorthBorne (N) | Cynical Existence (Swe)

Billetter Kr.150 i døra fra KL.19.00 – Forsalg via movieman@cyberdude.com   FACEBOOK-EVENT
– Kirlian Camera (SPECTRA*paris/Alice Neve Fox/Stalingrad/Hypnosis) [ita]
+ Henric De La Cour (Yvonne/Strip Music) [swe]
+ NorthBorne (Icon of Coil) [nor]
+ Cynical Existence (Project Rotten/Menschdefekt/System:FX) [swe]

presenterer stolt Italias 34 år gamle elektrogründerlegender og enorme verdensfestivalfavoritter KIRLIAN CAMERA (Spectra*paris, Stalingrad, Alice Neve Fox) for aller første (og kanskje siste) gang i Norge noen sinne! Eksklusiv once-in-a-lifetime klubbkonsert i lag med svenske, også norgesdebuterende HENRIC DE LA COUR (Yvonne, Strip Music, samarbeid med Agent Side Grinder), nylig Alfa Matrix-signerte, beintøffe CYNICAL EXISTENCE (Project Rotten) og vår egen NORTHBORNE (Icon of Coil)!

Kirlian-Camera-wKIRLIAN CAMERA
Gå ikke glipp av en av KIRLIAN CAMERAs mest intime klubbkonserter i moderne tid – og dèt for første gang i Norge noen sinne! En sjeldent actionfylt og svært sjangerspredd kveld av 80’s industriell elektronikk, hard aggrotech, pulserende techno, catchy synthrock og alt imellom signert toppartister fra Italia, Sverige og Norge.

KIRLIAN CAMERA kan med rette sies å være elektroniske pioneerer, og Angelo Bergaminis 34 år gamle sjelebarn har en helt enestående posisjon i europeisk elektronisk subkultur.

Henric-De-La-Cour-wHENRIC DE LA COUR
Henric de la Cour started his musical career as the lead vocal in the Swedish group Yvonne made up of Henric de la Cour (vocals), David Lindh (guitar), Tobias Holmberg and Rikard Lindh (synthesizers), Christian Berg (bass) and Niklas Jonsson (drummer). It was founded in 1993 and folded in 2002. In a decade, the group released 4 albums and a great number of singles.

After break-up of Yvonne, three of its members including lead vocalist Henric de la Cour formed Strip Music in 2003 made up of Henric de la Cour (vocals), David Lindh (guitar), Christian Berg and Jens Hellqvist (synthesizers), Valdemar Asp (bass) and Richard Ankers (drums). It disbanded after releasing two albums. Strip Music traveled internationally and performed in England, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Finland. In 2009, the group was put on hold as Henric de la Cour turned his attention to other projects.

Henric de la Cour continued his musical career. He was featured on electronica star Andreas Tilliander’s album «Show». Then he lent his voice to Fireside member Per Nordmarks solo project ‘Bad Hands’. He worked as a DJ and also played the part of Jack Skellington when «A Nightmare Before Christmas» was turned into a live musical.
He released his self-titled debut album Henric de la Cour, in 2011.

“NorthBorne” is all about electronic experiments, electronic beats, happiness, aggression, pleasure from pain and monotone grooves.


All programming and production by Christian Lund, who also has been playing with Icon Of Coil since 2000.

Cynical-Existence-wCYNICAL EXISTENSE
Stadig mer populære Cynical Existence (Sveriges nyeste signering på Alfa Matrix, inspirert av bl.a. Suicide Commando, [:SITD:] og Grendel) med Pre Emptive Strike 0.1 og sin første, store videodebut. Opplev dem LIVE for første gang i Norge!

What initially started out as a studio experiment rapidly turned into a real and massive musical entity: CYNICAL EXISTENCE was born! With this new promising solo-project, Swedish artist Fredrik Croona (also known as founder and lead vocalist of the aggrotech/industrial act PROJECT ROTTEN and also former vocalist of dark electro/industrial act MENSCHDEFEKT) offers a mixture of old school EBM with a harsher industrial tone while infusing more personal emotions into the compositions and stripping away the heavily processed vocals…

CYNICAL EXISTENCE has no intention to reinvent the harsh elektro genre, and acknowledges inspiration from bands in the likes of [SITD], SUICIDE COMMANDO, GRENDEL, etc. Fredrik simply offers a powerful EBM sound where melodic synth lines collide with «less is more» upbeat sequences that are haunted by stand-out vocal angst.

What characterizes CYNICAL EXISTENCE’s work is most definitely the special atmosphere that wraps up his compositions, inviting you against any expectation to an intriguing introspective journey into Fredrik’s dark soul and tortured mind. Mostly based on personal feelings and experiences, this project seems to be the perfect catharsis to his boiling personality…